Study Style

Canossa build a good foundation and paves the way for student to achieve their top most goals for both Ordinary Level and Advanced Level studies. moreover Canossa offers the best educational opportunities on four (4) combinations which are PCB, PCM, EGM and HGE.

For a student to have good performance in her academics, she deserves a comfortable environment to conduct her studies, here at Canossa there is a conducive Environment for both personal studies and group discussions.

The school has a library with enough reliable materials for all students to be used for personal and class studies as well, it has a competent librarian as well who provides supports to the students.

Also Canossa has enough laboratories i.e Chemistry, Biology and Physics Laboratories with enough apparatus and specimens for performing different kind of practicals.

Teachers in Canossa are competent and highly skilled with ability to train different kind of students and ensure they move in similar paces, all to reach their desired goals. Students are given standard examinations and test i.e Goodnight test, Continuous assessment test, tutorials etc.

Canossian students get opportunities to learn outside the school campus, Students go for study tours in different places like Arusha, Tanga etc.

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