Character formation is the prime objective of Canossa Secondary School and the duty of all parents and all members of the school community. These are involved in various ways and capacities to ensure that students are formed well spiritually, intellectually, socially and emotionally. Students' character is formed mainly during value and religion classes, takes, seminars, workshops, etc


Students are require to behave well at all time. If one misbehaves, she is warned or corrected. But if its a serious offense, then disciplinary measures are taken. This may include doing some manual work outside, suspension and dismissal. The school rules include the following

  1. A student must be well mannered, respect self and others.
  2. A student must be presence for all classes. she must report to school daily at 7.00 am. She must attend all classes and go home at 4.00 pm. Disciplinary action will be taken against habitual late comers.
  3. While in campus a student must communicate in English except during Kiswahili lessons.
  4. A student must carry out all instructions given by teacher or any other authority.
  5. Cheating, stealing, use of alcohol or prohibited drugs, abusive language, pregnancy and any other form of misbehavior will not be tolerated. Parent/Guardian will be called and disciplinary action will be taken.
  6. A student is not permitted to bring a mobile phone on the school campus.
  7. If the student is absent because of illness or any other reason, she must bring a note to the Headmistress, from the Parent/Guardian explaining the reason of absence, without it she cannot be admitted to class. Parent/Guardian may be called in case of frequent absences.
  8. If the student is required to leave the school premises before schedule, the Parent/Guardian must come in personal or send a note stating the reason. No telephone messages will be accepted.
  9. A student is not automatically promoted to the next class, unless the academic progress and behavior is satisfactory. To be admitted to the next class, her marks should be above 50.
  10. No examination/test will be given to any student who was absent om the day of the exam/test
  11. Food staffs are not permitted in the school campus.

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