• List of the selected candidates will be found in the school Web site and school board as well, one week after the entrance exam.
  • Selected student start the registration process immediately after the results. They will be given admission form which contains the fee structure and school rule.
  • There is a registration fee which is supposed to be paid by all the selected students. The time duration for the payments is ten (10) days. This is to ensure that the selected student will come to school.
  • Registration and the medical form are obtain from the school. They are supposed to be return to school soon after filling them, together with the payment slip. The maximum time is usually ten (10) days.
  • Once the registration and medical forms are submitted to the school a file is open to the new student and she is given an admission number.
  • The payment of the school fees, uniform, hostel fee follows immediately, as well as the measurement of uniform.

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