Hostel Life

Canossa provides the best accommodation for both Ordinary Level (O-Level) and Advanced level (A-Level). The hostels are well maintained with maximum hygiene to keep the best conducive environment that could offer the students.

The hostel have enough rooms, beds, bathrooms and toilets with good water supply and sewage systems. The hostel has enough areas like; washing bay, ironing bay, hanging bay and also a large dinning enough for all students to take their meals.

Hostel meal

Hostel meal are well prepared with full hygiene and it is of good quality. In exception of week days
(Monday ─ Friday ). The hostel provides meals for students four (4) times a day and in week day twice a day.

The hostel provides drinking water which is well purified and treated for the health safety of the students.

Hostel Guidance and security

The Hostel is secured with Guards, help from CCTV Cameras surrounding the students and Female guardians (Matron) who give support to the students and maintained their maximum discipline while in hostel.

Total Visitors: