1. Incorrect or false information and copying will entail refusal of admission.
  2. Entrance examination will be held at: Canossa Secondary School Tegeta Nyuki (Kibaoni – Dar es Salaam) On SATURDAY 17th October, 2020 From 08.00am - 11.00am
  3. Payment for Application Form and Entrance Exam is Tshs 20,000/= from school & 25,000/= online
  4. You Can Pay for the form Tshs 25,000 on Airtel Money No. 0787 151 341,
  5. Results to be declared on FRIDAY 23th October, 2020 and the list of selected students will be sent to the website of the school (
  6. On the day of the examination pupils should present the fee receipt and identity slip attached (this page), before entering the examination hall.
  7. Write a full name as registered for standard seven (7) Examinations
  8. A pupil should wear a full school uniform of her primary school on the day of entrance examination.
  9. This application form can ONLY be found / sold either at School (Canossa) or on the website ( ). Not sold in centers & shops. Therefore be aware of deceptions.
  10. Please make sure all forms are returned by 10th October 2020. No forms will be accepted after 10th October 2020.

for more informations;

Download the Application Form Here.